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“The She-Hive is an amazing space for women to meet and celebrate sisterhood and fellowship. The educational and support groups are a positive force in he community. The groups bring women together from diverse backgrounds but with a common goal: to make themselves and their world into a better place. I cannot recommend the She-Hive strong enough. With I could give 10 stars.”

Patricia Denton

“I am a regular member of the Female Business Owners Mastermind Networking group. I cannot say enough good things about how productive and energetic this group of women are. I love everything about them. And, having taken several “classes” at The SheHive I can rave about every single one. This community is absolutely wonderful.”

Mary Aviles

“Great events for working on some life goals, making new friends, coworking and entrepreneurship. I love how warm and welcoming the women at the SheHive are – I never feel out of place, and am always looking forward to the next activity. This is such a great addition to the Detroit area.”

Laura Eagin

“There are no words, you simply must take the time to experience a class, the space, the people, the love and bad assery that happens there.”

Michelle A