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All of our events are guided by our 8 anchor categories. We believe you can find whatever you need to be whoever you are, here at the SheHive.





Love & Relationships


Personal Development


Classes and Events

SheHive classes and events are meant to open up your world and connect you with professional and personal opportunities to explore more of your interests.

Classes range from entertaining to informative and have included topics such as entrepreneurship, divorce, astrology, chronic illness, how to speak up for yourself and more.

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SheHive is only as strong as its community, which is built by a group of amazing women and nonbinary individuals that are seeking more out of their lives.

Many classes are taught by SheHive’s former KeyHolders, which helps strengthen our community and create a more intimate space.

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About SheHive

SheHive exists at the intersection of growing and grounding. It is nestled between practical and possibilities and for those who live to learn and inspire.

Simply put, SheHive is an online network for women who want to add more value to their lives through education, empowerment and community.

Connect in a meaningful way with an inclusive, virtual community that offers classes, coaching and support to anyone seeking professional and personal development.

SheHive gives you the tools to find your people, find yourself and find more ways to grow.

SheHive’s Main Principles

We don't should, only must

We don’t fix unless we are invited

We are practicing, not perfecting

We don’t yuck on other people’s yum

We share lessons, not secrets

We step up, step back, or both

SheHive gives you the tools to find your people, find yourself and find more ways to grow.

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